John Kianka


John Kianka, Realtor at Mears Realty Group John Kianka, Realtor
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“As a former United States Marine, I know the importance of honesty, integrity, dedication, and commitment. These are the fundamentals that create a solid foundation and which I have applied in my everyday life.  Look to a Veteran for your real estate needs.  I’m all about service, first for our country and now for you. ”  -John Kianka, USMC, Realtor

After serving in the military, John went into retail management and eventually into law enforcement. He currently works in a local sheriff’s department doing his part in keeping our communities safe. John also decided to become a realtor/sales associate because of his passion for real-estate. Owning multiple investment properties is exciting for John and he believes everyone should enjoy that excitement as well.

If you’re looking to buy, rent, or sell, do it with someone who will serve you well and put YOU first!